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What is there to look forward to in this frosty New Year? We say lots- lots of fun classes, great food to eat, and new people to meet. It’s a new year –and we’ll be celebrating with the comfort of soups, sauces, chocolate, and cakes. So learn a new skill, play with your food, and come join us in a creative cooking class. Phone 812.333.7100 or visit www.bloomingtoncookingschool.com.

Featured 2017 Spring Class

Fresh Pasta Perfect
Tuesday, May 16, 6-8 p.m.

Jan Bulla-Baker

ravioli This hands-on class is all about fresh pasta. Working together, we’ll make a variety of fresh egg pasta, our own raviolis and several sauces to create tasty Italian cooking. Adding an arugula salad and panna cotta with a chocolate and/or berry sauce for dessert, and we’ll have sampled a typical Trattoria meal. $54

Fresh Pasta Perfect


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