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Fall is here, and we’re still busy in the garden or enjoying our farmers’ market. The Bloomington Cooking School fall/winter schedule offers you the opportunity to meet new people and celebrate a passion for cooking while eating great food. Whether you take our Ivy Tech sponsored Armenian Cuisine class or our Mediterranean cooking class (gluten free as well) or our Candy Crush class, you'll gain new skills and create fabulous food. Let's get creative, take the challenge, learn a new skill, or explore a new culinary culture. Come cook with us!

Featured 2014 Fall Class

stacy able photographyGluten-free Holiday Desserts Pt. 2 Saturday, December 13, 6-8pm Carmen Armillas $52

Join Carmen in part 2 of her gluten free holiday dessert class. Learn how to make a variety of holiday cookies, a cranberry apple crumble, and a banana rum cake. A light, gluten free lunch will be served $52

Gluten-free Holiday Desserts Pt. 2 Sat, Dec 13, 6-8pm Carmen Arm


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